Dr. Benna Kallick

Bena Kallick is a consultant to school districts , state departments of education, professional organizations, and public agencies throughout the United States and abroad. Kallick received her doctorate in educational evaluation at Union Graduate School. Her areas of focus include group dynamics, creative and critical thinking, and alternative assessment strategies for the classroom.

Her written work includes Literature to Think About (a whole language curriculum published with Weston Woods Studio), Changing Schools into Communities for Thinking, Assessment in the Learning Organization and Habits of Mind (a four series published ASCD), co-authored with Arthur Costa.

She is cofounder of Technology Pathways, a company dedicated to providing easy to use software that helps integrate and make sense out of data from curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

Kallicks teaching appointments have included Yale University School of Organization and Management, University of Massachusetts Center for Creative and Critical Thinking, and Union Graduate School. She was formerly on the Board of the Apple foundation and is presently on the Board of Jobs for the Future.

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